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Fireblade's Character

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Fireblade's Character Empty Fireblade's Character

Post by Fireblade on Thu Nov 28, 2013 9:58 am

Name: Alex Reiaki
Appearance:Black Thin unzipped Jacket with a blue shirt. He has A backwards cap with Brown spiky hair under it. He has denim jeans and white shoes with black laces. He has Black fingerless gloves too.
Personality:A will that is intolerant to seeing others suffer, because of a tragic past he doesn't want others to feel his pain. He likes to be upbeat and maybe perky, but his dueling skills will put no mercy and will do anything to win.
Deck Type:his deck is based off of himself. Twilightsworns, a mixture of mostly light monsters with darkness inside of it. I think it matches Alex's persona.
Duel Gazer:Regular Yuma Style
Duel Runner: None
Duel Disc: Battle City Style
Bio: At the age of 5 he was the strongest duelist of his class, he earned straight A's, and always respected everyone. However, all of that was taken away from him when a man named Hailous dueled Alex's Father in a Shadow Game. Alex saw his Father die in front of his own eyes. His mother took Alex to an old villiage where he and his mother lived. When Alex was 13 his mother died, and Alex couldn't bear it anymore. He ran off in search of Hailous willing to take his life the way he took Alex's parents.
-He has a lot of talents, therefore he doesnt really need help from others. At least in his own mind
-In duels he thinks so much. He thinks about five turns ahead. Sometimes he will think to his victory
-Though Hailous is in his mind, he doesnt give hailious much thought, therefore, hailous cant act as a mental shackle.
-With all the running he has been doing, he definitely is in good shape
-Too independant, if he can't think for a moment that he might need help, he will get creamed by someone that might be stronger
-Could work on thinking fast, he takes his time to make his plans, giving his opponent time to think of a counter.
-If he thinks too long on a move, his mind just goes blank and he has to think over.
-maybe sacrifice life points and skip a turn for a strategy, hoping his opponent doesnt end his duel.

Name:Minerva, Lightsworn Maiden
Gender: Female
Appearance:Small girl with a greekish robe. Her Hair is Short and she is rather delicate. Luckily her brains make up for the lack of defenses.
Personality:A gifted Maiden wrapped in a small package. She is a little small and has a greek robe. Her Owl (lets call him trianity) is her guide when she doesnt know what to do. Maiden is much Wiser than Alex, but when it comes to dueling, she might as well try an exodia deck to win duels. She would love to be social but she can't because she only has Alex to talk to.
Deck Type:Same as Alex's
Bio:Minerva has been in a tribe known as the Lightsworns. However, Dark Worlds then attacked her tribe. Judgment Dragon was forced to use his special effect, and he wiped out both sides. Judgment Dragon felt so guilty that he obliterated all lightsworns. Except for 2. Minerva, and her brother, Raiden. Minerva was the put into a Dark World coma, which was inflicted inside of her by Dark World Grapha. After that, she woke up to find a deck in front of her, but nothing else. It seemed to be created from her memories of her tribe. Alex though passed by minerva, but being a spirit, he didnt see her. Minerva saw Alexs deck and made herself Alex's spirit, hoping that Alex can help her get revenge on Grapha.
-Because her tribe was simply wiped out, that was more than needed. She has the ability to summon judgment Dragon
-Very Wise, not many have her intellect
-She has her own guide, Trianity, the lightsworn owl.
-When she duels. she has her own effect, very few humans or spirits comes with effects. "If there in no lightsworn monster on the field, you can send one lightsworn monster of your choice from the deck to the graveyard."
-If Exposed, she must depend on judgment dragon, which if not careful, could kill her too.
-Though very bright, she normally focuses on grapha, which makes her lose focus.
-Though good with dueling knowledge, shes a bit unbalenced with her dueling.
-If Alex is down, she must prepare for the challenge that got rid of him.

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Fireblade's Character Empty Re: Fireblade's Character

Post by Gaia on Thu Nov 28, 2013 10:22 am

Please apply your post to the Character Rubric listed here. Right now, you are in an infraction of 3 things listed in the rubric. You have:
Stated you have a Duel Disc that is not Standard (Battle City) Design, nor has such a Duel Disc been approved by a Mod/Admin.
Stated you have a Duel Gazer that is not Standard (Yuma) Design, nor has such a Duel Gazer been approved by a Mod/Admin.
Your Strengths/Weaknesses do not Balance out. For each Physical/Mental Strength, their must be a Physical/Mental Weakness.


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