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Post by Gaia on Mon Nov 11, 2013 1:37 pm

Roleplay System

Of course, this is where you roleplay. Describe, however way you please, what your character is doing, where they are at; etc.

Duel System:
Whenever you have initiated a Duel With someone, you must first place the following code in your post immediately before the rest of the Roleplay Actions. Copy/Paste it into your post before ANYTHING in the duel is done.



After words, you will continue the roleplay over Dueling Network or YGOPro, which ever one you have. After you complete the duel, copy/paste the following information and post as seen necessary.

Duel System (After) CLICK HERE:

[font=Impact][b][i][color=#EEEEEE][size=27][DUEL End][/size][/color][/i][/b][/font]
[color=#FF0000][b]Player A: (Win/Lose)[/b][/color]
[color=#0000FF][b]Player B: (Win/Lose)[/b][/color]

Points System
The Points system is a large sheet with many factors that must be filled out and sent to an admin after every duel is completed. Of course, there are some Points that are given out outside of duels; but for the most part, it's all in the duels.

Duel Points System CLICK HERE:

[b]Lose:[/b] 10
[b]Turns:[/b] (1 Dp for each turn the duel took place in)
[b]Normal Summon:[/b] 5
[b]Special Summon:[/b] 5
[b]Flip Summon:[/b] 10
[b]Flip Effect:[/b] 10
[b]Fusion Summon:[/b] 10
[b]Synchro Summon:[/b] 10
[b]Xyz Summon:[/b] 10
[b]Ritual Summon:[/b] 15
[b]No Normal Summons:[/b] 20
[b]No Special Summons:[/b] 30
[b]No Trap Cards used:[/b] 35
[b]No Spell Cards used:[/b] 40
[b]No Monster Cards used:[/b] 50
[b]No Extra Deck:[/b] 10
[b]40-49 Card Deck:[/b] 10
[b]50-59 Card Deck:[/b] 5
[b]60 Card Deck:[/b] 0
[b]Life Points:[/b] (Take the amount of Life points you have left and devide it by the place immediately below it. 8000/100=800 Dp. Round if needed.)
[b]All Monster-Card Deck:[/b] 10
[b]No Effect-Monsters:[/b] 20
[b]Win before 10th Turn:[/b] 40
[b]Yubel - The Ultimate Nightmare:[/b] 50
[b]Blue-eyes Shining Dragon:[/b] 50
[b]Armed Dragon lv 10:[/b] 50
[b]Horus the Black Flame Dragon Lvl 8:[/b] 50
[b]Red-eyes Darkness Dragon:[/b] 50
[b]Exodius the Ultimate Forbidden Lord:[/b] 100
[b]Exodia Victory:[/b] 10
[b]Exodius the Ultimate Forbidden Lord Victory:[/b] 10
[b]Vennominaga, the Deity of Poisonous Snakes Victory:[/b] 50
[b]Vennominaga, the Deity of Poisonous Snakes:[/b] 50
[b]Final Count Down:[/b]20
[b]Shooting Quasar Dragon:[/b] 50
[b]Shooting Star Dragon:[/b] 50
[b]Red Nova Dragon:[/b] 50
[b]Star Eater:[/b] 50
[b]Judgement Dragon:[/b] 20
[b]Blue-eyes ultimate Dragon:[/b] 50
[b]Arcana Knight Joker:[/b] 50
[b]Armityle:[/b] 50
[b]Horakhty:[/b] 50
[b]Destiny Board Victory:[/b] 40
[b]Deck-Out:[/b] 30
[b]Heart-EartH Dragon:[/b] 50
[b]Number C(Any of them):[/b] 50 for each with a different name
[b]Number 06: Chronomally Atlandis:[/b] 50
[b]Gimmick Puppet of Leo:[/b] 50
[b]Neo-Galaxy Eyes Photon Dragon:[/b] 50
[b]Superdimensional Robot Galaxy Destroyer:[/b] 100
[b]Number 9: Dyson Sphere:[/b] 50
[b]Cyxz (Any of them):[/b] 50 for each one with a different name
[b]SuperDreadnaught Rail cannon Gustav Max:[/b] 50

Where you see 'Normal Summon', that does not mean you get 5 Dp for each Normal summon. You get 5 Dp if you normal summoned. This applies to anything else of the such, such as effects and other summons.

Where you see a monster's name, that means you get that amount of Dp if you played it; not for each time you play it.

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