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General Rules

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General Rules Empty General Rules

Post by Gaia on Mon Nov 11, 2013 12:24 am

Warning System
This Forum has a Warning System. Whenever a Admin/Moderator tells you that you have received a Level 1-5 Warning, that means that you did something violating these rules and they gave you a warning as necessary. Once you receive 5 Warnings (Level 1 Warnings give you 1 Warning; so on, so forth), you are to be banned.

Staff Members who are warned will be demoted after 3 Warnings. A Ban will result in the complete removal from Staff.

Staff Members hold the ability to Promote Warning Levels as they see fit.

Language is kinda self explanatory. Cursing here and there is not minded; cursing like Eros is a problem, though. Try to avoid doing such. This also implies to Cursing in a harmful, insulting way; or in such a way in which a member feels insulted or offended.

The Language will be removed; Level 1 Warning.

Illegal Content
Do not post any Illegal Content of any kind on the site. Do not PM pics or videos to members containing such things. Do not offer drugs to members.

The Post/Content will be removed; Ban.

Do Not Spam; examples would be excessive caps, or the repetitive mention of irrelevant content. Complete nonsense in the middle of a serious Conversation; etc.

The Post/Content will be removed; Level 1-5 as seen necessary.

Discord among Members
Respect all the members, no matter their ability to role play. Just because you are able to use more elegant sentences than others doesn't give you the right to make a member feel inferior. Such posts containing arguments will be locked, or even removed. Keep any drama you have with a member away from the Forum and the Rp. Harassment, Arguments, Bullying; etc fall here. Admins/Mods will present a solution if neither party can produce one on their own.

The Argument will be locked/cleared, with both party's receiving a Level 1 Warning. If it seems to involve Flaming/Trolling, these warnings can be added, too.

Religious Content
We do not mind you stating your Religious beliefs, nor do we mind you discussing Religion. Just please do not debate/argue with members about Religion (or the lack of such). Forcing your religion upon others is unacceptable.

The argument will be locked/cleared, with both party's receiving a Level 1 Warning.

Do not make any sexist or racist jokes or remarks. Racism is the slander against a certain ethical race or origin. Sexism is the slander against one's Gender. Both need to stay away from the Forum.

The content will be removed with the member receiving a Level 2 Warning.

Flaming is when you show evident hate towards a member through the Internet. Publicly posting that someone sucks, or just flat out saying you hate someone, falls into this category.

Trolling is the purposeful posting, or commenting, for the intent to get a violent reaction from a person/persons. This could be more present among this roleplay due to the nature of the Card Game; making your character evidently ignorant to the rules is one thing, purposefully just screwing around because it's a roleplay and you won't be punished (or so you think) is another.

Flaming content will be removed, level 3+ Warning.

Trolling content will be removed, Ban.

Discord among the Admins/Moderators
Do not disrespect Moderators or Admins for ANY reason. If an admin asks you to drop something, drop it politely and go about your day. Although you cannot disrespect them, feel free to voice your opinions about what we could do to make our job easier/better. Also, if you feel that a certain admin/mod is abusing his/her power, or is asking you to do as they say in such a way that makes you feel offended/insulted/harassed, feel free to report them to any Admin above them.

For reference points, here is the list from Least to Greatest:
Game Master
Senior Admin

The Content will be removed, Level 3+ Warning.

Have fun and enjoy the Roleplay.

If you don't want to follow this rule, then get out.

Just because something is not listed here, doesn't mean you should do it. If you know something is wrong, avoid it. Admins/Moderators hold the rights to enforce the Warning System on any Infraction they deem necessary, even if not listed here.

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