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Aaron's Duel Spirit - Yamato

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Aaron's Duel Spirit - Yamato Empty Aaron's Duel Spirit - Yamato

Post by Gaia on Thu Dec 05, 2013 11:49 pm

Name: Bujin Yamato
Gender: Male
Appearance: Bujin Yamato is a lean, powerful and slender figure. He is, roughly, 7 ft tall; and his person is quite the appearance. A sheen of bright radiance overflows his person; coating him like a beacon.
His face, or rather the lack of, is quite interesting. One side of his head is rounded off with a red stone, a vein of light separating it from a flat, straight blue stone that connects his head to his neck. The other side of it is adorned with rocky spikes; a small vein of light connecting the two spikes together. In between both structures is an array of Blinding light with a lone shard of stone floating within it.
A pure, polished, round, gray stone acts as his neck; without break or tear, and possibly shall never tear. Ever. A small column of stone rises around this; giving the sense of a collar made from stone.
His shoulders are coated with Metal Bracers, that are, seemingly, bolted to his person; the blue substance is wrought from an other-worldly iron; small, orange bolts hold them in place. His Elbows have similar Bracers covering them. In the space between these bracers, a blue stone with a bright eye-like shape, etched into it by veins of light, creates his plated skin. His fore-arms are wrought of dark pink stone with black under laying; his wrists and hands being large, silver stone with bright light emanating from their core.
His chest is skinny at first; and then broadens out around where his lungs would be, before, abruptly, getting skinny to outline his stomach; then, it gets wider around his waist. His abdomen is wrought from the same stone that serves as his neck; powerful, polished. Etchings of light criss-cross around his chest, accumulating in small, bell-like shapes at his waist. Similar Ribbon-Like shapes etch around the top and bottom of his chest; a yellow emerald at his chest's core separates the two.
A small contraption wraps around it's waist; card-like things dangle from his chest, circling him like rings.
His legs are just as his arms; the outer most part wrought of black stone, his inner legs wrought of dark pink. His upper-most thighs are glowing with bright light; the most exposed amount of light in one area besides his face and chest. His knees are protected by up-raised stone, in the shape of a diamond, with a bright light within the stone. The rest of his legs, and feet, are as the rest of his body; wrought with black and pink stone with writhing, intricate lines of light etched into it.
Throughout his entire body, etchings in the stone indicate muscles.
Personality: He is a strong, loyal, friendly spirit. His indignation is practically nonexistent; when those in danger are found, his righteous attitude will allow him to help all in danger; despite any consequences to him. His loyalty comes from his ties to his friends; years of attachment to them created a bond that none can break. Unless they try. Really hard. REALLY hard.
Deck Type: Well, he runs Fables, of course. No, he runs Bujins. Duh.
Bio: Bujin Yamato was once reverend as the strongest of all Kami; otherwise known as Light Beasts. His name was known as Bujintei Susanowo. His bond to his friends were unparalleled; his ties to his righteous appeal unwithering. With ties to his friends as close as they were, his strength was remarkable. He was feared, envied; fawned upon. No matter the fame he reserved, he knew not the meaning of giving in to the lust of vanity.
In an effort to belittle him, the Supreme Kami, with which no man knows his name, cast a power upon the powerful beast. He was cursed; on the instant, his ties to his friends were shattered; his ideals instantly destroyed. Immediately; Crane, Turtle, Wolf, Ophidion and Quilin were forced to detach from him; becoming their own, separate selves again. His new being caused them to flee; his rage unbecoming of his previous nature. The Kami was cursed; to have to rebuild his former nature before he could ever reclaim his power.
In anger and rage, that was once unknown to him, he fought; and was hopelessly defeated without his righteous appeals and strong ties to friends. Without any power left, he limped from the confines of the battle field; searching for labor. He could find none; rebuilding his nature was coming gradually. His Duel Partner at the time did not make things easier; he was indignant, indifferent, indispensable and ignorant. His boastful attitude did not help Yamato retain his old attributes.
Yamato then fumbles into the hands of Aaron. Now, this boy showed him promise; compassion, care, friendship. All the attributes Yamato wishes to reclaim. And, soon, he shall reclaim them.
Soon, his friends will trust him again.
- His ties to friendship, although some what dwindled, still flicker in his flames; awaiting to be rekindled.
- His pride, in both himself and his friends, allows him to look at the world as an optimist; or, at least, it used too.
- His ability to rally people into battle never faded away; it still stands strong.
- His strength is unparalleled within his realm.
- He shows a rage and hate towards the world that has unknown origins.
- His pride sometimes distracts him in battle; holds him back, even.
- His ability to rally people, now, is for more rash, personal needs; rather than with the outlook of others.
- His strength, although still evident, is significantly weaker without his friends.


Gaia's Characters:

Aaron Bale:

Name: Aaron Bale
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Aaron Bale

Bujin - Yamato:

Name: Bujin Yamato
Deck Name/Type: Raging Relics : Bujin
Bujin - Yamato


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Aaron's Duel Spirit - Yamato Empty Re: Aaron's Duel Spirit - Yamato

Post by Fireblade on Sun Dec 08, 2013 4:12 pm

I would love to see this spirit in a storyline, he is the most interesting spirit i have seen here. Definitly approved

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