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Aaron & His Bujins

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Aaron & His Bujins Empty Aaron & His Bujins

Post by Gaia on Sat Nov 30, 2013 5:36 pm

Name: Aaron Bale
Gender: Male
Age: 15

Appearance: Aaron is a slender figure of about 5ft 6in, with little to no evidence of actual muscular strength. Despite his slender looks, though, he is quite strong. He has a moderate white texture to his skin, with a stern, yet friendly, look on his face. His face is angled; shaped into that of a young man's. His arms are short and moderately sized; the reach only a little past his waist line. His own hair, which is brown, lays lazily across his head; slightly covering his left eye from view. His eyes are a strange phenomenon; pure, white iris' with a pupil that seems to pierce into your soul.
He's wearing a plain black shirt that is, most of the time, covered with a well kept dark blue, almost certainly black, leather jacket, much like Yusei's, with Golden lines interlacing throughout the popular fabric. His pants are simple Rider jeans, without all the cuts and tears, which cling closely to his legs; easier to rid a Duel Runner on. His feet are adorned with black Combat Boots.
Aaron's defining features are on his face; as mentioned before. His thin lips are hardly ever in a frown; although they do sometimes portray some other, negative feelings. Despite this, he is, generally, a very happy guy. Etched into his face is the criminal mark; taking the shape of a yellow-orange line running down the left side of his face; very thin, but noticeable.

Personality: Aaron is a generally happy person. He is the type of guy that if you treat him with respect, he'll give you respect; you give him BS, well. . .have fun. He is a very loyal friend, and a passionate duelist. Although he is not fond of being thrown into jail, he has done it time and time again for the chance to duel; he originates from the humble grounds of the Satellite. He understands the meaning of the heart of the cards and would risk his life to protect them.
Aside from his passion for his cards, he is a kind, loyal friend. He has an air about him that makes him an easy person to get along with; along with a decent sense of humor.
He's a determined kid; once his mind is set, get out of his way; or else he'll push you out. Behind his white eyes is a fire of determination; eager to burn down anything that would stop him from accomplishing his goals.

Deck Type: Raging Relics : Bujins

Duel Gazer: Aaron's duel Gazer takes the shape a single circle that surrounds his eye; the circle giving off a blinding light, transforming his pure white gaze into a blinding beacon.

Duel Runner: Aaron's Duel Runner is that of a Coiled Serpent. The serpents head acts as the hood of the Duel Runner; opened and gaping, showing off it's large teeth. The angular design of the serpent's head allows it to cut through the wind; making speed inevitable. The body of the serpent itself coils round and round the seal in which he would sit in during the duel; forming the shape of an atom around Aaron as he rides. Each separate ring that surrounds him has a compartment that can fold out to turn the coil into a wheel. This function allows him to make amazing turns, no matter the surrounds. The seat is made of padded leather; quite comfortable. It's a Hybrid; so he can remove his duel disc from it at will.

Duel Disc: His duel disc was specially designed. It is a perfectly shaped white circle with yellow veins running from the red dome at it's core to the edges of the duel disc. The card, deck and graveyard zones aren't yet visible. Once Duel Mode has been engaged, the sided of the disc open and fold out two thin prongs; from these prongs, on both sides, the Monster Card zones appear. The first two fold out, then the second two fold out of the first two; the one in the middle is created when the front most piece of the duel disc falls away to connect to the two. This small piece that falls off to create the fifth monster card zone grants access to the graveyard. The last part of it's transformation is when the far right side folds in on itself; revealing the deck.
Aaron's life began as a lowly duelist in the Satellite, simply trying to get by. Although it was illegal to do so, he had always owned his Bujins; although they haven't always been as good as they are now. After years and years of the Facility and other rehabs for those without the sense to listen to Security, he finally earned the reputation to move out of the Satellite. Of course, he vowed to, some day, go back for all of his friends and bring them with him. He just couldn't do it then, though.
After a few years, he became a renowned duelist. Everyone knew his name and what he was capable of.
A few more years and he was Owner of Industrial Illusions.
Despite all this, he still didn't have what it took to bring his friends back from the Satellite. What would it take?
He just wasn't ready. He didn't have the resources.
Now, he was hosting a Tournament on Duelist Kingdom; and he would be one of the Duelists Participating. No one yet knew he owned the Company; his Owner-in-co would be the target of anyone trying anything tricky.
- His ties to his friends makes him a loyal and trustworthy person.
- Quickly and easily capable of making battle strategies, there is never a chance where you can think he's down for the count. Game's not over 'till his life hits Zero.
- He is well known for his ability to use that duel runner of his. Card Games on Motorcycles.
- Although his strength isn't too much to count on, his ability to endure running for long amounts of time and his ability to run quickly has been built over the years of running from Security.
- Sometimes his strong ties to his friends forces him into positions that are dangerous for him. He would never lose a friend.
- Although he is able to think of battle strategies, when it comes to dueling, his over confidence is sometimes his down fall.
- He is not so strong; easily taken down if caught up.
- He is at a loss when it comes to driving any other vehicle. Seriously; don't try it.

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