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Payment Rubric

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Payment Rubric Empty Payment Rubric

Post by Gaia on Mon Nov 11, 2013 4:28 pm

Anytime you are given Dueling Points, you must post it in here; no matter why you are paid. There are also weekly intervals in which you can request Job Payments; From Sunday To Saturday is a Week. That means if you get money on Wednesday, you must wait until next Wednesday to get more.

Job Payment Rubric:

[b]Current DP:[/b]
[b]Job Payment:[/b]
[b]DP Afterwords:[/b]

You cannot gain any Dp for weeks that you missed.

Here are the jobs available and what each of them entail, from least to Greatest:
Civilian: 100 dp a week
Hero: 200 dp a week
Villain: 200 dp a week
Owner: 300 dp a week + 80% of any purchased items of the Company.
Scientists: 300 Dp a week +20% of any purchased Items of the Company.
Game Master: 350 Dp a Week
Moderators: 400 Dp a week
Admins: 500 Dp a week.
Senior Admins: 600 Dp a Week.

Also, for any other reasons you may be receiving Dp, just copy/paste this into a post.

DP Code:


[b]Link of Proof:[/b]
[b]Current Dp:[/b]
[b]Amount Earned:[/b]
[b]New Dp:[/b]

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Payment Rubric Empty Re: Payment Rubric

Post by Gaia on Sat Nov 30, 2013 4:01 pm

I deleted your posts, but you did get your money. Please, create your own Post and simply comment on it each and every time you get your money; which is once a week.


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