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Deck Approval Rubric

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Deck Approval Rubric Empty Deck Approval Rubric

Post by Gaia on Mon Nov 11, 2013 2:05 pm

This is the rubric that you need to Copy/Paste and place inside a post for approval. Please follow and fill out all the parameters before posting.

[i][b][font=impact]Deck Name:[/font][/b][/i]
[i][b]Main Deck Count:[/b][/i]
[i][b]Extra Deck Count:[/b][/i]
[i][b]Side Deck Count:[/b][/i]
[i][b]Monster Count:(In Main Deck)[/b][/i]
[i][b]Monster Count:(In Extra Deck)[/b][/i]
[i][b]Spell Count:[/b][/i]
[i][b]Trap Count:[/b][/i]

[u][i][b][font=Impact]Main Deck[/font][/b][/i][/u]



[u][i][b][font=Impact]Extra Deck:[/font][/b][/i][/u]
[i][b]Fusion Monsters:[/b][/i]

[i][b]Synchro Monsters:[/b][/i]

[i][b]Xyz Monsters:[/b][/i]
Please refrain from placing the following cards within your deck. Once you acquire 50 posts, you can apply to use one of these cards, or too create your own. Only 1 person can have a copy of card. For example, you can have a Stardust dragon, but no one else can. After a year of having the card in your possession, it will be taken back. Numbers are allowed with any number of posts; and anyone can have any number of Said Number cards. No restrictions to them due to how vastly needed and numerous they all are.

Signer Dragon
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Any type of God Card

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