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Card Creation Rubric

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Card Creation Rubric Empty Card Creation Rubric

Post by Gaia on Mon Nov 11, 2013 1:30 am

There are cards that you may want to create in order to add into the fun of the Roleplay. Post them here for approval.

Card Creation Rubric PLEASE CLICK HERE:


[b][i]Card Name:[/i][/b]
[b][i]Flavor Text/Effect:[/i][/b]



[b][i]Card Art:[/i][/b]
[b][i]Proxy Card:[/i][/b]

Card Name: What is the name of your card?
[Monster]: If your card is not a monster, don't fill this out.
Attribute: Earth, Wind, Fire, Water, Light and Dark. Which one is right for you?
Level/Rank: What is your card's level/rank?
Card-Type: Normal, Effect, Ritual, Fusion, Synchron and Xyz. Which is yours?
Card-Sub-Type: Gemini, Toon, Spirit, Union and Tuner. What is your monster?
Monster-Type: Aqua, Beast, Beast-Warrior, Rock, Zombie, Spellcaster, Winged-Beast, Warrior, Dragon, Fairy, Plant, Dinosaur, Divine-Beast, Fiend, Thunder, Pyro, Fish, Sea-Serpent, Machine, Insect, Reptile or Psychic. What'cha got?
Effect Type: Ignition, Flip, Quick, Continuous and Trigger effects all lie here.
Ignition: These effects activate at your command; Spell speed 1.
Flip: These effects activate whenever the card is flipped face-up, Spell Speed 2.
Quick: These effects can be activated during either players turn, even during the Damage Step. Spell Speed 2.
Continuous: These effects are always active. Spell speed 2.
Trigger: These effects activate when a specific mean is completed. Somtimes Spell Speed 1, other times Spell Speed 2.
Flavor/Card Text: What's your card all about, or what does it do?

[Spell]: If your card is not a spell, don't fill this out.
Spell Type: Quickplay, Continuous, Normal, Equip, Ritual and Field Spells.
Quickplay: These cards can be activated from the hand of the owner, during their own turn, at any time. They can be activated during the opponent's turn if Already Face-down on the field. Spell Speed 2.
Continuous: After activation, these cards stick around and permanently affect something in the game. Don't leave until destroyed.
Normal: Normal spell cards. Follow what the card says to do, then send it off to the grave.
Equips: Equips to a monster, for the better, or the worst.
Ritual: Ritual summons a Ritual monster.
Field Spells: Spells that effect both players in some way. Once activated, they stick around until dealt with.
Card Text: What does your spell do?

[Traps]: If your card is not a trap, don't fill this out.
Trap Type: Normal, Continuous or Counter
Normal: Normal trap cards. Activate them during the second turn after being on the field and follow as they say; and, unless they say otherwise, send them to the graveyard. Spell Speed 2.
Continuous: After activation, keep 'em on the field. Follow as it says, and use it's powerful effect to your advantage. Spell Speed 2.
Counter: These traps can chain to anything, but can only be chained to by other Counter Traps. Activate them in response to the appropriate, listed thing in the card text and have fun as you laugh in there faces about stopping them. Spell Speed 3.
Card Text: What's your card do?

Card Art: Do you have a pic/design for your card?
Proxy Card: What card will you use to act as the card you are making? If you are making a monster, use a Normal Monster. If you are making a spell, use a normal spell. If you are making a trap, use a normal trap. If you are making an Extra Deck monster, use a Synchro/Fusion/Xyz monster as appropriate. Remember, if you state that you are using this card as the proxy, you cannot use that card for what it really is.

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