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Post by StrawHatCaptain on Wed Nov 27, 2013 12:50 pm

Name: Ragnarok
Appearance:tall; lanky; blood-red hair; fair features; bright, lively, haunted blue eyes; wears a black long sleeve shirt with a skull logo on it which is adorned with angelic wings and satanic horns; wears red and black Hy-tops; black jeans
Personality: smart, loner, sarcastic, angry, maverick, foul mouthed when angry, constantly joking, eternal pessimist attempting to find the lighter side, nice when on good terms with a person
Deck Type:twilight lightsworns and occasionly Yubel
Duel Gazer:full visor, when on it makes it appear like his eyes are empty sockets
Duel Runner:light, cheerful colors that fade and darken to demonic hues the further back it goes; angelic wings near the front, demonic tail at back
Duel Disc:Standard
Bio:As a child, Ragnarok was known as Tristan. He was trained to duel by a gang of psychos. One day, he was defeated a policewoman in a duel, but could not finish the job he was given. She took him in, and taught him the brighter side of the world. However, the gang that raised him were angry at losing their most prominent duelist, and killed the policewoman as a message to Tristan. Overtaken by rage and guilt, desiring only revenge; he takes on the name of Ragnarok the destroyer. His mission is all that is of concern to him. And he doesn't care who gets in his way.
- smart
- supportive which gains allies
- physically weak
- often makes moves without thinking

Name: Sephylon
Appearance: large suit of light colored armor; giant face in chest
Personality: energetic; protective
Deck Type: Fairy; lightsworns
Bio: once just an ordinary man with grand ambitions. met a fairy, who granted him the intelligence to pursue his dreams. however, the fairy played a trick on sephylon, turning him into a fairy. One day, sephylon came across Ragnarok, and decided to assist in the quest for revenge, but for reasons unknown...
-armor grants powerful abilities
-just a head anymore
-apparently unable to stray from Ragnarok

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