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Scrain, The looter of cards.

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Scrain, The looter of cards. Empty Scrain, The looter of cards.

Post by Nickpws on Tue Nov 26, 2013 4:34 pm

Name: Scrain
Gender: Male
Age: 29
Appearance: Bonnet covering his hair, Gray eyes, Small beard, Blue pullover, Dark green pants and white shoes. Kinda like a hobo.
Personality: Very calm and Joking, Not one to get angered, Also decieving to a degree.
Deck Type: Ancient Machina Gear
Duel Gazer: Standard Yuma Design
Duel Runner: None
Duel Disc: Standard battle city design
Bio: Scrain isn't special. Not on first sight anyway. But he duels with wager. And he isn't intending on losing said wagered duels. Each opponent he faces bets a card, And so does he. No matter win or lose though, He'll get that card. Win? No problem, Mine now. Lose? He pretends he'll hand over the card, But hits the guy upside the head, Knocks him out, Takes the card and RUNS. You do not know how much trouble he gets in while doing that, But oh god it is FUN. This has made him rather decieving but also very non-trusting since, Hey, Anyone could be a cop.
- Has a natural stealth about him and is very slippery
-Has a silver tongue to talk him out of anything
-His deck was able to be made advanced since of his time looting cards
-Once running he's not as fast however
-It's hard to tell what are truths and lies from him which makes him someone you CAN'T trust
-Not one to approach people
-His dueling skills are far from the best, He's about average. He requires luck to get through which makes his victory's absolute BS.

Name: Ancient gear Beast
Gender: Genderless (Machine)
Appearance: A brown shell with broken parts where spinning gears can be seen, One broken and one complete eye with a complete tail
Personality: Very dependant  and hates it when it's ignored
Deck Type: Ancient Gadjits
Bio: His first owner was an idiot and a douche. He laughed at everyone, Didn't care for his cards, Ripped them in two for fun. Very fucking scary if you ask it. That is untill a certain duelist had him wagered, And won it. His previous owner couldn't even SEE beast, So when the wagering duelist won it beast was pretty damned suprised and decided to shy away from him a lot of the time. It annoyed the man that Beast wouldn't talk to him, Especially since he's pretty lonely without anyone trusting him. Ever. But as time progresses they start to like eachother, So there's no more issues. In f
- Reliable
- Optimistic
- Loyal
- Has an ability to see whether or not a duelist means harm. When one does, It usually growls.
- Dumb.
- Not a strong duelist
- Can be really whiny
- Has regular breakdowns where his machinery stops working and as a result he gets knocked out for a while

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Scrain, The looter of cards. Empty Re: Scrain, The looter of cards.

Post by Gaia on Wed Nov 27, 2013 12:30 pm

You are RP Approved.

1/2 Approvals Complete. Now you just need duel Approval.

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Scrain, The looter of cards. Empty Re: Scrain, The looter of cards.

Post by StrawHatCaptain on Wed Nov 27, 2013 7:28 pm

nice character.

but, can you defeat the burning rage of Ragnarok?

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Scrain, The looter of cards. Empty Re: Scrain, The looter of cards.

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